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Every single person at DSV is part of something 75,000 times bigger than themselves

People are at the core of who we are - the drive, talent and devotion they bring to the table every day are what make DSV the exciting place it is. It’s a dynamic and fast-moving environment with rapid decisions at every level – where ambition meets teamwork in an effort to face challenges, succeed, move forward and make a difference.

At DSV, we believe that having a diverse workforce, where employees can realise their potential based on their different individual backgrounds and thought diversity is a significant advantage that we as a company can leverage upon. A diverse workforce in an inclusive culture fosters dynamic workplaces and, ultimately, better business decisions.

Meet our people

Michelle Muuren, Sales department, Account development

Michelle Muuren, Account Development Executive, Sales

Johannesburg, South Africa

In 2016, the final year of my Supply Chain Management degree, a group of DSV graduates came to promote the graduate programme.  Their energy and sense of community encouraged me to apply for the 2017 intake.  

On my first day as a graduate, I was given the choice to either work in air freight or sea freight.  I didn't hesitate and said: "I LOVE aeroplanes".  So, naturally, I pushed to start there.  I had no experience of the systems, procedures, I didn't know the lingo and I remember feeling lost and overwhelmed.  But each department I joined was welcoming and willing to help guide me, so much so that I quickly felt comfortable and found my feet.

What Michelle's day to day looked like whilst in the Graduate programme

As a graduate you attend training a few days a month, most of your daily tasks were designed to support the team.  This frees you up to move around within the department and learn as much as you can.  Over 18 months I was exposed to all the transport modes, as well as customs, while completing my honours in Business Management.

The graduate training programme focuses on developing the managerial "soft" skills needed to manage your own daily tasks and people.  By the time my contract came to an end, i knew that the knowledge and skills I have obtained would add to my value in any position I applied for.  In July 2018 I was fortunate enough to be offered a permanent position in Airfreight Imports.

What opportunities do you believe are available for people in your area

As a graduate, you have opportunities that others wouldn't necessarily have.  You are encouraged to move between different departments, and you're given the chance to make mistakes and learn.  The cross-functional knowledge you gain enables you to take a broader approach to problem solving.

What Michelle believes are the benefits of working for DSV

I am passionate about supply chain management and it excites me to see how different elements of the business interact with each other.  After finding my feet and handling my general and retail client base for a few years, I was assigned an export client who required estimates before the cargo could move.  This exposed me to airfreight imports as well as exports and estimates.

Something I love about working at DSV is that there is always support when you are under pressure.  The best thing about working in a team is having the peace of mind to know that you don't have to know everything because someone else in the team will know what you don't - and if no-one knows, you learn together.

With the support of my manager I applied for, and got, an account development position in the Air and Sea client retention team.  My day-to-day tasks have become more strategic in nature, although there is still more for me to learn.  I am excited that I can learn and grow in this position.

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Andiswa Mayeza, DSV Finance controller

Andiswa Mayeza, Finance Controller, Finance

Johannesburg, South Africa

What motivates me daily is my ability to advise on finance-related queries.  This gives me the comfort of knowing that I am of value, not only within my department but also to other departments of the organisation as well.

Benefits of working for a global company

Working for a global company like DSV gives one great exposure to exciting projects and the application of IRFS standards that wouldn't necessarily be available at smaller companies.  Having started as a financial controller for the Solutions division, and now for Air and Sea, i can say that there are many opportunities for growth within the local finance space.  I enjoy working together as a team as we are all supportive, hard workers with a great work ethic.

I love the friendliness of the people at DSV.  Everyone is always willing to help, and you can also reach out to management on anything, really.  Being in a shared service centre exposes one to the different business units within the company.  There are opportunities to enhance and implement internal controls, to communicate with the group on financial and technical matters.

What I am most passionate about working at DSV

I am passionate about my growth.  Not only my own growth but the growth of those I work with as well.  I am passionate about helping others achieve success and have since started spending my weekends assisting university students with their assignments, projects and so on.  My heart is fulfilled knowing that I can be of help to others.

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Vincent Maribadzi, Regional IT Services

Vincent Maribadzi, Service Delivery manager, Regional IT Services

Johannesburg, South Africa

My day usually starts in the early morning and before I leave the house, I read my business-related communication channels and check in with my colleagues to make sure there isn't a critical issue that need my involvement.  Once I leave for the office my day can go in many different directions, depending on what is happening locally and globally.

Regionally, I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the Operations Support Centre team, based at DSV Park - Gauteng.  Our core function is providing access to most local applications as well as network monitoring and outage management.

All WAN requests in Sub-Saharan Africa falls under my umbrella of expertise.  If I am not busy with my regional responsibilities, I am managing global projects and high-priority incidents that affect our region.  

Benefits of working for a global company

I have been given the chance to showcase my talent and to work with different people from all over the world.  Over and above everything else, I love the fact that DSV offers plenty of opportunities for growth and development, both locally and internationally.

Why people should join DSV

If you are looking to learn, grow and advance your career, then DSV is the right place to be.  DSV, as a global organisation, gives you access to a wealth of information, training and work experience.  

There are so many positive reasons to join, but what I enjoy the most is the chemistry and cohesion of the team.  We all have our role to play but we are connected like a spiderweb.

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Sukriti, air and sea, International XPress

Sukriti Maharaj, Freight Forwarder, XPress, Air & Sea

Johannesburg, South Africa

I enjoy the extensive teaching that I get daily.  On the day I joined the company I clearly remember my manager saying that I should learn something new every day.  And, since that day I have indeed learned something new each day.

I love being able to see my textbooks come to life when I look at the warehouse and to know that the things I was taught are being used here.  The innovation at DSV is also something to look out for, it never fails to amaze.

What it meant to Sukriti being part of the DSV Grads program

Personally, it feels like I'm a part of a support system.  As well as the experience I've gained along the way, I've also found some amazing friends, mentors and role models.

It's the little things - a quick update on how things are going, someone checking up or simply just seeing a familiar face in the building - that really helps.  That's what the grad program did for me, it assisted with the transition from university life to working life, a process that went more smoothly than I'd anticipated.

In the back of my mind, I always knew that I wasn't alone in this and that was very reassuring.

What your day looked like as a Grad and what kind of support you received

My day-to-day was quite different!  A month after I started we were hit by the pandemic and life as we knew it, or as I had imagined it, changed entirely.

It was a strange couple of months where we were adapting to the "new normal".  Training sessions were online, and my catch phrase very quickly became "sorry, I did not see I was on mute"!

I think returning to the office was good, and I believe I've learnt a lot by just being in the office and being able to converse with my colleagues.  The Covid rules meant I didn't get to visit other departments, however, I did become an integral part of my current team, whilst doing what I love. I always felt heard, which is very important to me.

How Sukriti believes she contributes to the overall success of DSV

Working for DSV XPress, doing a little bit of everything.  I always say that we do everything and more.  No matter the size of your contribution, it all counts!  I believe we're paving the way for the future and, even if we take one small step in the right direction, anything is possible.

Though my team is smaller than most, my colleagues are very supportive and always push me to do better.  I always tell people that I got the best manager around.  He's been my biggest supporter, motivator and mentor.  For me, the most important thing is trust and he trusted me from the start, for that, I will forever be grateful.

Benefits of working for a global company

There are so many benefits to working for a global company.  The fact that you can learn from so many other people and from their experience, you get a support system like no other.  DSV is always empowering their people and motivating them to do better.  

Along with that, there's endless opportunities available while working for a global company like DSV.  "The world is your oyster" and you can interact with people from across he globe.

I believe the thing that sets DSV apart from other companies in the industry is that we bring new, high-tech innovations into the field and yet we haven't lost the human element in the way that we conduct business.

What opportunities do you believe are available for Grads

For Grads at DSV there are many valuable opportunities.  You can continuously learn and uplift yourself.  You'll be able to network and develop bonds throughout the industry and, with DSV being so large and having so many different specialities, you are bound to find something that speaks to your soul.

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Girneve Roach, Freight forwarder, South Africa

Girneve Roach, Freight Forwarder, Air Import, Air & Sea

Johannesburg, South Africa

My day-to-day life as a freight forwarder in DSV requires me to be nothing less than a multitasking master to bring together the shipper with the various other intermediaries within the supply chain process.  My main responsibilities are to handle shipments from start to finish within the Air Import department - arranging forwarding, customs clearance billing, the tracking of cargo to ensure that the consignee received the goods in good order and good condition, within the agreed upon estimated time of arrival and the client's required KPIs.

I believe my contribution to the overall success of DSV comes through my understanding of the importance of customer service and individual clients' requirements.  Additionally, through managing my time, delegating tasks and communicating effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of working for a global company

Because DSV is a global company, working here increases your exposure to the various divisions of the organisation and you get opportunities for job movement within the company.  DSV invests in their employees' careers through internal and external training and educational programs, as well as variety of graduate programs and learnerships.

What do you love about working for DSV

What I love is that the Freight Forwarding we have an amazing support structure and an even greater sense of team spirit among management and employees.  Even with our busy schedules, committees ensure that birthdays and special events are always celebrated.  The overall process of moving cargo from A to B is usually quite similar but, in dealing with international freight in the current market conditions, no day is the same.  We are often confronted by unique challenges, and this teaches you to stay on your toes and adapt in order to quickly find viable solutions for our clients.

Why should people join DSV

Because DSV is a leading global company, I believe one would definitely want to be part of the organisation due to its numerous opportunities and the exposure and experience there is to gain.

A global company like DSV is a gateway into the logistics industry and a career which allows you to see the world.  Within the DSV family there is no limit to what you're able to achieve, so long as you are willing to put in the work.

What are you passionate about

I'm passionate about supply chains and freight forwarding regularly brings different challenges which makes it interesting - the role of a freight forwarder is anything but monotonous.  You never know exactly what you're walking into but with the support of your management and fellow employees there's always a way forward.

Why did you get chosen to be an Employee of the Quarter

I believe I was chosen as employee of the quarter because I always go above and beyond to satisfy our clients and ensure their needs are met, no matter the workload in our department, by being a positive team player and being willing to assist wherever I can.  The commendations I've received from some of our most strategic automotive clients, with stringent supply chain requirements and line stop challenges, speak volumes.

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Boipelo, Key Account Manager, Sales

Boipelo Leballo, Key Account Manager, Sales

Johannesburg, South Africa

A good day always starts off with a prayer and a strong cup of coffee! I like to start each day by going over my schedule, making sure any calls or meeting I have are top of mind and getting any necessary prep work done.

My days involve attending and chairing meetings, generating leads, preparing proposals, advising stakeholders on their supply chain needs and providing operational support.  I also spend time managing my own admin and I have a team of people that report to me and whom I support and coach daily.

Benefits of working for a global company

Some of the benefits of working for a global company include exposure to the trending techniques and methodologies of the industry and being at the forefront of innovation, due to our diversity.  An added advantage are the myriad resources available to us, which ensure that we grow as an organisation.

I work with like-minded individuals who value excellence.

What I love about working for DSV

The culture here is fantastic, people are positive and always willing to lend a helping hand.  We truly live by the saying:  "we are all in this together".

What opportunities do you believe are available for people in your area

There are always opportunities, it's up to the individual to raise their hand and put themselves forward.  There are opportunities to broaden your skills in operations, warehousing and customer engagement, to name a few.

Why should people join DSV

DSV is a top-rated global organisation which is constantly expanding through strategic acquisitions whilst providing positive returns to its shareholders.  Need I say more?

DSV cares about its people - you'll be given great responsibility and with that comes great opportunity to learn and grow.

What are you passionate about and what do you love about being part of the Sales organisation

I am passionate about food, family and my faith.  What I enjoy most about being part of the Sales forces is the interaction with customers.  I manage multiple clients in different industries and talking to the stakeholders allows me to be creative.  The knowledge and experience gained is truly valuable.

What I do touches so many areas of the organisation and there is never a dull moment in the sales department.

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Tsholofelo, Freight forwarder

Tsholofelo Nkachela, Freight Forwarder, Air & Sea

Johannesburg, South Africa

Tsholofelo Nkachela is a graduate from University of Johannesburg and holds a degree in Logistics Management.  She started with DSV in 2019 under a learnership program, which was the start of an amazing journey filled with personal and professional development and growth for her.

What she believes the benefits are of working in a global company

I moved from a learnership to a graduate program in 2020 and then COVID hit.  It was a really difficult time because the company was trying to navigate through all the challenges brought on by the pandemic.  During these uncertain times DSV quickly developed strategies and put structures in place to make it possible for the program to start running again.

What I love about working for DSV

I've had such a great experience being a DSV graduate because the different learning programs that were developed prepared us for the working environment and equipped us with knowledge and skills that I now apply not only to my professional life, but to my personal life as well.

In the beginning it was a challenge finding my feet within the working environment but with the support from management and amazing culture within DSV it became easier by the day.

Opportunities I believe are available

I started helping different departments which in turn exposed me to many of the different aspects of the company.  While moving between departments I joined the Estimate department and was really drawn to the steps and processes involved in creating a quote and I felt that there was a lot more to learn.  During my stay in the department, I really developed my communication skills and the incredible support I received from my supervisor and the rest of the team gave me the confidence to go hard in everything I do.

In November 2021 I moved into Operations, specifically ocean exports, where I later received a permanent position and, with the support of my team and manager, in less than 5 months I was entrusted with handling my own shipments.

Why I believe people should join DSV

The benefits of working for a global company is job security and the potential for growth and development.  They have amazing programs which broaden your knowledge as well as your skills.

What sets DSV apart is the care they have for the environment and the programs they're implementing, such as going paperless in an industry driven by paperwork.  They have a tireless urge to grow and focus not only on the company itself but also on the people who make it what it is.  I love the open-door policy they have between management and employees, and the continued support and motivation I received as a graduate has been nothing short of amazing.

My proudest moment in DSV came as I made it into the top three in a LEAN project - something which bolstered my passion to efficiently run operations and the elimination of waste.

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Gugu Sobolewski, DSV Marketing Learner

Gugu Sobolewski, Marketing Learner

Johannesburg, South Africa

"I spend my days creating content and publishing it on the company's social media platforms, as well as interacting with DSV's audience and customers.  I schedule the daily posts - planning them, checking them and making necessary changes.

I believe my text, image and video content contributes to the success of the company by engaging our target market.  In addition to posting content, I follow online conversations and respond to customers' queries and concerns".

What are the benefits of working for a global company according to Gugu

One of the benefits of working in a global company is your exposure to numerous areas and sectors of the business.  I am continuously meeting new people, learning about different cultures, broadening my understanding of other people, and gaining insights into how and why they make their decisions.  This helps my growth as a team player and in turn increases my value as an employee.

DSV invests in the development and careers of their employees through internal and external continuing education as well as on-the-job-training.  Global companies offer more opportunities for development and growth - there are so many people, and experts, to learn from, something which is great for my professional and personal development.

Why do you enjoy working at DSV

I enjoy working at DSV because I am told, and shown, that what I do for the company makes a difference.  They make me feel as though I am here for a reason and that my contributions have an impact.  On top of this, there are ample opportunities for growth within the company.

Working in social media, you are talking with real people, as you encourage them to actively engage with the DSV brand.

Benefits of joining DSV

I believe people should join DSV because they invest in their employees.  They give you access to education and training, allowing you to grow and develop new skills.  They value their employees and every type of qualification - from truck driver to operations, and everything between.

What are you passionate about

I am passionate about my growth and development, both professionally and personally, about my success and achieving my full potential.

What do you love about being part of the department you are in

I enjoy working in my department because it's collaborative and there's a sense of teamwork.  We all communicate with one another effectively and if you need help with something, there's always someone there for you.

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David Costine, IT Development

David Costine, IT Development, Regional IT Services

Johannesburg, South Africa

David is passionate about IT.  "It's something I've been doing since I left school.  I started out as a developer but have since moved into more of a managerial and resource-management role".  In his spare time he works with Round Table, a community-based organisation as well as the scouting movement.

What your day to day looks like and how you believe you're contributing to the overall success of DSV?

My day looks the same and, often, the day I'm expecting when I come into the office is not the day I have.  Most of my days involve giving and receiving reports, although I often find myself investigating issues on the system.  Much of my responsibility is to track when changes are going live and then monitoring how those changes progress.

Overall, I assist in tracking projects and course-correcting should they not be on the right timeline.

Benefits of working for a global company - What makes DSV a great place to work for

One of the benefits of DSV being a global company is that you work with people of different cultures and backgrounds from all over the world.  Another plus of working for a large multi-national is that you have opportunities for internal transfers, be it within your own division, country or internationally. 

What I love about working for DSV

What I enjoy most about working at DSV are the people I meet.  Every time I go into a meeting, I know I'll be able to learn something new.

Opportunities for individuals in my skill area/department

One of the major opportunities is having the ability to always learn something new.  DSV offers so many courses to their employees and being able to move around within your business means you're able to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Why I think people should join DSV

DSV IT is a job of daily challenges and tight deadlines.  If you're looking for a mundane job, then this one isn't for you.

What I enjoy about being part of the IT department

I love the people in our department, especially since the amalgamation of DSV's IT departments.  It's great to see the different roles that each business unit has to offer. 

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Ravina Govender smiling

Ravina Govender - Director Quality Assurance

Johannesburg, South Africa

What do you believe you bring to the supply chain industry as a woman?

While women have made significant strides in the fight for equality, gender disparity still exists in many prominent industries, including Logistics and Supply Chain. I believe that women bring their natural skillset of multitasking to any task that they perform. Having to constantly juggle the work–family dynamic makes us experts at handling multiple activities at a time and there is no better place to put this skillset to use than in supply chain. There are always numerous wheels in motion at any one time and we need to be able to balance them all to be able to deliver great service to our customers and clients.

The reality is that women bring a different perspective into the organisation and the Supply Chain industry.  We are more collaborative in our approach, and more inclusive from a people partnership and management aspect.

My role as Quality Director and part of the Board of Directors at DSV Healthcare allows me to use my natural collaboration, communication and relationship building skills to build a resilient team

What do you attribute your success in supply chain to?

Passion and Persistence have been my driving force since completing my Pharmacist qualification.

As a student, supply chain was not even a field of pharmacy that we were taught about. I envisioned a future as a Retail Pharmacist, owning my own community pharmacy. During my internship year, it became abundantly clear to me that this was not where my future laid. The main thing I learnt during that year is how aggressive people become once they’ve run out of their medical aid.

I love the diversity of supply chain and the fact that every day presents a different challenge and a new opportunity to learn. I think that I could end my working career still not having learnt everything that this challenging industry has to teach.

I also really enjoy the people element of supply chain. I spent some time in my career working as a Registration Pharmacist, registering new drugs with SAHPRA. I could spend an entire day at the office without the need to interact with another person in order to do my job and I absolutely hated it. I love the variety of people and personalities that I get to interact with daily.

Regarding my success, I would say that I have never been afraid of taking on new roles, even those outside of the pharmacy profession. During my first 2 years in logistics, I had worked in every pharmacist role that the warehouse had to offer. I then moved into Operational roles such as Returns and Stock Controlling HOD positions in order to gain more experience. It is this knowledge that I rely on almost every day in order to do my current job well.

What advice would you give to young women considering entering the supply chain industry?

I think that in the past women may have been reluctant to join this industry due to the physical work involved. With the high level of automation that exists today (the Meadowview facility being a perfect example) this is clearly no longer a deterring factor and it is important for women considering entering the logistics space to understand this.

Whilst the industry is still male dominated, it is important that women understand the incredible value that we bring into this industry.  Our strength as females lies not in our ability to be like men, it lies in our ability to be authentic, to be nurturing and to be flexible in the ever-changing world of work.

The best advice I could offer is to never be afraid of the unknown. Your life will hardly ever follow the picture in your head, so while you can grasp every opportunity to explore and learn. You'll never know what opportunity may present itself around the corner.

I would like to leave you with this quote by Kavitha Ramdas : “We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce, they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free”

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Lucy Mahlangu learnership programme

Lucy Mahlangu - Learnership, HR Admin

Johannesburg, South Africa

My day-to-day duties involve interacting with people - whether it's dealing with queries or attending calls and relaying messages.  I populate, calculate and capture overtime for payroll processing as well as capturing employees' leave for the branch and its different sites.  I update and maintain employee files, updated notice boards on vacancies and matters of HR and employee wellness.  I assist HR business partners and provide admin support to managers.

The benefits of working in a global company

A global company like DSV gives you the opportunity to work with and learn from experts in a variety of fields, to contact different people and cultures and to explore different parts of the world.  These are all great for personal and professional development.

You get exposed to what the operation of moving goods entails and learn that there are many processes which need to take place before your goods are delivered to you.

In a global company you get formal training which helps you break into and understand other departments and it's likely you'll be able to move sideways, for example applying to work in different countries.

What I love about working for DSV

One of the benefits of our style of learnership is the growth of our working skills - we're led in a way that encourages us to make errors and learn from them.  Everyone collaborates and there's continuous learning and discovery through self-understanding and the investigation of new projects.

Opportunities I believe are available in my department are:

Our profession is not static.  We take what we know and apply it to other situations and scenarios which means, among other things, it's possible to move from assistant to manager.

Why should people join DSV

If you're curious about logistics, then this is right up your alley.  I highly recommend DSV.

What I love about being part of HR

One of the perks of working in HR is that you get to know everyone in the company.  I feel a sense of gratification of solving employees' problems, to see employees go from frustration to being productive and feeling appreciated.  For the HR Department, every day brings with it different challenges.  It is always growing and changing, whether through compliance with new laws and legislation or responding to new technology and employee expectations. 

It's never boring and it allows me to give 100% to everything I do. I love assisting new hires, networking and developing long-time relationships. We are one!

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Seranne Howis, Senior Team Lead, Regional IT Services, Business Services, SAR, South Africa

Seranne Howis, Senior Team Lead, Regional IT Services

Johannesburg, South Africa

Every day is an adventure at DSV! I’m someone who likes to be challenged and I like having problems to solve, so working in IT is a great fit for me. Each day brings new puzzles to solve, and new systems and products to design. The requests come from many different sources. Customers want an innovative product that no other courier company provides them, DSV Management wants new ways to make delivery processes more streamlined and less error-prone, while the DSV operational staff notice an issue in the systems that are slowing down their ability to do their jobs and bring it to us to solve.

I engage directly with clients to give them world-class customer service. I also engage with DSV Management who oversee the business processes and the operational staff who use the systems directly every day, and I try to find ways to satisfy the need for new ways of doing things while also trying to make the operational staff’s ability to do their jobs simpler, easier, and quicker.

I’m a Senior Team Lead in IT, so I have some managerial duties alongside my software development and solution design duties. It’s a full plate of responsibilities but I believe being challenged is the best way to grow and I always go home at the end of the day knowing I did my best for my team, my department, my company, and our customers.

Benefits of working for a global company

DSV has a huge range of skills and talents under their global umbrella. I’ve been able to work directly with and learn from experts in robotics and automation in the Robotics Centre of Excellence in Poland, with specialists in the Testing Centre of Excellence in India, as well as with many other specialist teams across the globe who are all part of the DSV family.  

We also get guidance from our global specialists on how to make our systems more secure and more compliant with the highest standards of design and implementation, therefore having that specialist guidance to help us make decisions is a fantastic asset for our team.

It also means if you want to learn a new skill, there is always someone to go to for guidance and help. There is always the opportunity to grow into a new role or pick up a new skill. Sometimes all you have to do is ask! DSV staff are always happy to answer questions about their specialty and when you express a genuine interest in what they do daily, they’re only too happy to teach you something new.

What I love about working at DSV

With the new DSV Park facility in Kempton Park, I am now working from a fantastic world-class building, alongside hundreds of other people from other divisions. Getting to meet people from other areas is a great way to learn how DSV functions across a much broader spectrum and everything that I learn about how other divisions function is helping to make me a better Team Lead for my own team.

My team is a fantastic group of people who are all happy to raise their hands to help each other out, so no matter your problem, someone will step up to help you meet that deadline or solve that problem. We all pull together, and we learn from each other. When a new problem arises, even if we don’t know how to solve it, we reach out to those who do, and we learn how to solve it ourselves in future.

Career opportunities available at DSV 

I was extremely lucky to be put forward to participate in the Learning and Development Talent Pool programme over the last year. It’s been a life-changing opportunity to learn so many new skills, to meet people from other divisions and learn about how other divisions within DSV work. I’ve had the opportunity to learn finance skills, communication skills, presentation skills, HR skills and many other subjects as well.
The DSV Toastmasters chapter has started up meetings after a two-year shutdown due to Covid, and I’m looking forward to joining and learning public speaking skills with their guidance.

The Regional IT section I work in has recently launched an initiative to give all our IT teams access to a specialist technology and business education online learning portal, in conjunction with the Global Learning and Development team in Denmark. The portal has 25 thousand online courses that cover not only highly specialised technical subjects but also vital business skills such as communication, presentation, conflict management and customer engagement. I volunteered to oversee the initiative and I’m delighted to say that more than 40 staff, and counting, have been given access to the online portal and are already enthusiastically working to improve their skills and knowledge. 

My passions

I love writing and editing, and I used to write for my university’s newspaper as a Science Writer. It’s not something that I thought I would be able to do within the IT space, so when the opportunity arose to write articles for and edit articles for our Regional IT newsletter, I jumped at the chance to do something I love. 

I’m passionate about education and learning. It’s something I actively pursue for myself, and I ended up with a PhD in Genetics before entirely changing my career to be a Software Developer. I also love being able to help other people who are passionate about learning to get access to educational opportunities. DSV believes in investing in the growth of its people and I’ve been lucky enough to be appointed to oversee the online learning portal access for 43 of our IT staff across several teams in South Africa, as well as helping them find other learning opportunities with our Learning and Development department.

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