Customer cases

Our customers vary from small customers with single shipments to large, multinational companies where we handle their entire supply chain. Here, you will find a selection of customer cases, illustrating how customers have benefitted from our know-how and services. You can find all our customer cases in the menu to the left.

Automotive logistics

We provide logistics services to the automotive industry. Read our customer cases here.

We ensure that Carglass has stock available to fix 95% of cars on the spot

Dräxlmaier uses DSV to reduce the environmental impact of transport

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare logistics

We offer a variety of services tailored specifically to the needs of the healthcare sector. Read our customer cases here.

We simplified and modernised the logistics setup for Mölnlycke Health Care

How we handle the delivery of medical supplies for patients with kidney failure

Our Ghent facility ensures that the cold chain for Hologic's sensitive products is never broken

Food logistics

We can handle the warehousing of your finished products and distribution to your customers. Read our customer cases here.

We help the Danish start-up, Rawbite, to grow and internationalise

We built a special and secure warehouse to store dangerous goods - innovation in the cocoa sector

We fly perishable avocados from Kenya to Europe while keeping the supply chain cold

Consumer products logistics

We offer an agile supply chain, fully tailored to your customers' needs and expectations. Read our customer cases here.

Shorter lead times through warehouse management for a rapidly-moving fashion brand

Helping Mercurius enter a new region, advising about legislation and providing a range of logistics solutions


Find more customer cases here and in the menu to the left.

Tracking and measuring every transaction through a live IT dashboard ensures absolute transparency

Warehouse efficiency that reduces costs

Our project team transports concrete tunnel wall elements for the Copenhagen Metro

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