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Jason Ye

Jason Ye

Director, Supply Chain Optimisation and Green Logistics, GCO - Denmark

Back in 2015, when Jason started his new job as Supply Chain Advisor at DSV, the job itself was not the only new thing that happened. To work at DSV’s head office just outside of Copenhagen, Jason moved from China with his family. Naturally, it was quite overwhelming to find themselves in a new country with a different mentality and climate. However, Jason quickly grew to love his new home and the culture in DSV:

DSV is a very performance-driven and decentralised organisation, where empowerment and trust are present. The management is down to earth and honest, and the communication is very open. I really feel the value of that. We can make quick decisions and immediately adjust to market developments for the benefit of our customers. That’s how I like it."

Building strong relationships

As part of the Group Commercial Organisation working with the largest customers of DSV, Jason is responsible for driving the adoption of our Green Logistics services and constantly developing new services to help our customers decarbonise their supply chain. He puts great efforts in delivering results and value in his work but also to create strong and long-lasting relationships with customers:

Maybe it’s due to my culture, but to me, it’s not just about work. It’s also about relationships, having fun while delivering results, making good friends and putting a smile on people’s face. First and foremost, I go to work to complete a project in collaboration with a customer but also to create bonds and make an impact on people – and hopefully the other way around.”

Building positive relationships is also important to Jason when it comes to his colleagues to foster strong collaboration, both across departments and in his own team. His team consists of various nationalities, and this is a clear benefit in Jason’s experience:

I thrive in the international and multicultural environment that exists in DSV. I like how this brings different ways of thinking to the table when we discuss, evaluate and decide which step to take. The outcome of our diversity is something that inspires me a lot.”

A higher purpose

Just as customers’ needs and supply chain structures evolve, so has Jason’s role. Today, he holds the position as director, and recently, he was made responsible for heading up our Green Logistics services globally, working towards more sustainable supply chains for our customers.

"My goal is to make our customers more competitive and successful by optimising and decarbonising their supply chains. With the expansion of my role, I feel an even higher purpose, as I’m not just helping to improve the conditions for our customers but also function as a tiny piece in the big puzzle of improving conditions for our environment and planet. To me, that is truly meaningful."

When Jason joined the team, they were only four people including his manager. Now, the team has grown due to among others our recent acquisitions.

I have always felt – and still do – that I can develop within DSV. Part of this is also to have a good mentor, and I have been so lucky to have one here in DSV. This way you can constantly ask for coaching, and thereby, develop yourself. I find that very rewarding.”

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