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Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Update 27 March

A large cargo ship has collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the US Port of Baltimore, causing its collapse and suspending vessel traffic in and out of the port.

Baltimore Bridge
After a 984-foot cargo ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the US city of Baltimore in the early morning of 26 March, concerns have been raised of disruption to global supply chains. 

The Singapore-flagged cargo ship named Dali was heading for Colombo, Sri Lanka, when it reported a power failure and hit a support column of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing it to collapse entirely.  

Francis Scott Key Bridge spanned the entrance to the Port of Baltimore, the busiest port in the US for car exports and the ninth-busiest port overall.  

The US has suspended vessel traffic in and out of Baltimore indefinitely, but trucks are still being processed. New cargo arrivals to the terminal will be rerouted through other ports in the region. 

According to the press release from the Governor of Maryland, the Port of Baltimore ’’ranks first among the nation’s ports for volume of autos and light trucks, roll on/roll off heavy farm and construction machinery, imported sugar, and imported gypsum; ninth among major US ports for foreign cargo handled; and ninth for total foreign cargo value.’’ 

US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg said the bridge crush ’’will be a major and protracted impact to supply chains.’’ 

DSV is closely monitoring the situation and remains committed to keeping you informed and assisting you in your business operations. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to your local DSV representative.

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