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DSV brings firewood to the Danish households for the company Ignite Nordic, when a private pallet delivery of wood is ordered from the local hardware store.

At Ignite Nordic, they keep an eye on the weather forecast. When the weather changes and the temperature drops, business explodes from around 400 to 2,500 pallets of biofuel per week. 

DSV wins on fast delivery, response time and flexibility

Bo Christensen, Head of Purchase at Ignite Nordic

For Ignite Nordic, the unpredictability of the number of deliveries has played a role in the choice of carrier. Bo Christensen from Ignite Nordic explains: "When we deliver goods to supermarkets and hardware stores, which do not have a large storage capacity, the warehouse is quickly emptied on a Saturday morning with -10 degrees. Therefore, a lot of urgent cases arise where we would like to give our retail customers an extra service with fast delivery. Here, DSV steps in and solves the transport task".

Jakob Nielsen, freight forwarder in DSV, talks about the collaboration with Ignite Nordic: "Ignite Nordic is an exciting task that requires a close and continuous dialogue. We have to react quickly to larger deliveries to retail and sudden increases in the 1-2 pallet lots which are finely distributed to private households".

The company that brings heat to Danes guarantees delivery to private households within 5 working days.

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About Ignite Nordic

Ignite Nordic is part of the larger trading company SAM Partner, which focuses on non-food products for home as well as garden and leisure.

Ignite Nordic is based in Kolding and specializes in products for the winter season. It is biofuel, accessories for wood-burning stoves and other products that provide heat.

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