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In The Coffee Collective, the coffee must be fresh, and the quality is created based on a clear vision of a close collaboration between the three parts: the farmer, The Coffee Collective as master roaster and ultimately the person who brews the coffee. It requires an efficient transport setup.

Jette Kanstrup, who is Office Manager at The Coffee Collective's head office in Copenhagen and responsible for the company's supply chain, says about the collaboration with DSV:

"For us, transport is a bit like a computer, it just has to work. With DSV as a business partner, we can focus on what we are good at, which is coffee. We don't have to spend time on transport details and heavy paperwork, DSV helps us with that."

The coffee beans are imported directly in containers from coffee producers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Columbia, Bolivia and Panama. When the coffee is roasted according to special roasting profiles, it is packed and sent to coffee lovers around the world.

We roast fresh and we ship fresh! For us, short shelf life and coffee quality are closely related. That is why we work with 'just in time' deliveries throughout our supply chain and focus a lot on the service we can get from our transport supplier

Jette Kanstrup, Office Manager at the Coffee Collective

With private and wholesale customers all over the world, The Coffee Collective sends out small and large packages of freshly roasted coffee on a daily basis, and here, according to Jette Kanstrup, the price of courier shipments has been absolutely decisive:

If the price of shipping is too high, our products in the webshop will simply be too expensive, and we will not be able to spread the good coffee experiences

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About The Coffee Collective and direct trade

The Coffee Collective is an owner-run collective of some of the most recognized coffee personalities in Denmark. The coffee beans are bought directly from producers in Africa and South America, who are visited every year.

With 'direct trade', a transparent trading model is ensured, which provides the best quality of raw materials, and which at the same time remunerates producers for their work. The individual coffee producer is paid a minimum of 25% above the Fair Trade price.

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