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When a long-time client needed its new home and office air conditioning sets transported from Thailand to customers in the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy and France, it called on DSV. The cargo, weighing a combined 2.5 million kilograms, needed to be moved quickly – everything had to be delivered in a three-month period.

DSV Thailand decided to utilise a charter flight for this endeavour. It had to ensure that all the charter flights departed on time with no carton mishandling or cross-labelling to create delays. DSV Thailand worked tirelessly, maximising local and global strategic partnerships with various airlines to ensure that freighter aircrafts were available for the moves. A dedicated team in Thailand was set up for the project and team members worked closely with the cargo terminals at BKK to ensure that the cargo was organised, palletised and uplifted on schedule.
Less than ten days after receiving the request from the customer, the first charter flight departed BKK with nearly 90,000 kilograms in chargeable weight on board. Since that first flight, DSV has managed an additional 26 full-charter flights in just 90 days.

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