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DSV’s expertise in moving oversized equipment made us a natural partner for an Omani oil and gas company that needed to move two separator vessels, each weighing 157 metric tons. The vessels had to be moved from Mumbai, India, to Sohar, Oman, then onward to oil fields located approximately 250 km away. DSV’s freight team coordinated with vessel owners and ensured prompt sailing of the shipment. Upon arrival, our team helped clear the shipment through customs and prepare it for delivery. These shipments required meticulous planning and handling at the break bulk terminal in Sohar. The separators were transported in specialized multi-axle trailers to the oil field under DSV escort, in coordination with the Royal Oman Police. Due to the length and width of the shipment, the journey was restricted to nighttime transportation. DSV's journey management plan for the shipment included a route survey, as well as stipulations for proper health and safety adherence. DSV ensured that these heavy shipments reached their destination on time.

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