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An oil refinery in eastern Saudi Arabia with a capacity of 550,000 barrels per day, was facing a major shutdown due to maintenance work. The refinery needed an emergency shipment of catalyst, a powder that is used as part of refinery operations, and refinery parts, which had to be sourced from Houston, Texas in the U.S. The company needed DSV’s help to get the cargo cleared through Saudi customs quickly.

The DSV team got to work quickly. Once the shipment arrived at the King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, it needed to be transported to the refinery site. DSV’s dedicated team worked closely with Saudi customs, making contact in advance of the shipment’s arrival to ensure all the requirements were completed prior to the arrival of the shipment. The team was able to receive special approval, and the cargo cleared customs in less than an hour, far less than the typical three to four days.
The success of this move was a result of DSV’s advanced planning and strong relationships with both the customer and Saudi customs.  Had the cargo not arrived on time and cleared customs, the customer would have been facing a loss of over $1 million per day.

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