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Report and reduce CO2 emissions

Governments, industry bodies and regulators are increasingly requiring companies to report their CO2 emissions as part of their annual reporting. 
DSV’s CO2 Reporting solution offers you a comprehensive overview and data analysis of your supply chain emissions, with reliable and accurate reports collaborating with one of the leading companies in cargo transport emission calculations.

Creating transparency about your supply chain CO2 emissions is the first important step to enable your environmental ambitions. 

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Our collaboration partners – EcoTransIT World

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We work with EcoTransIT World, the most widely used software worldwide for automatic calculations of CO2 emissions.

EcoTransIT World’s calculation methodology has been developed and is maintained and validated by independent scientific institutes (Ifeu, INFRAS and Fraunhofer IML).  

EcoTransIT is the first industry CO2 calculation tool to receive Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework accreditation. It also meets the requirements of EN16258 and the GHG protocol.

The process explained

  • Number 1

    Request CO2 report from your account management contact

  • Number 2

    account management to place your request with our dedicated co2 reporting experts

  • Number 3

    reporting team will prepare co2 report and send it to account manager

  • Number 4

    account manager will provide the report to you

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Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability

Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability