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Compensate your CO2 emissions with DSV Green Logistics by funding an equivalent CO2 saving elsewhere, supporting important sustainable projects worldwide.  

Carbon Offsetting projects extract or save CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Typical initiatives include planting trees and building renewable energy plants.  
Choose DSV as your one-stop solution provider for your supply chain decarbonization needs. Our hassle-free offsetting solution includes a certificate to prove your carbon credit purchase.  

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Our Collaboration Partner - Gold Standard

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DSV has chosen industry leader Gold Standard as our Carbon Offsetting partner.  
By partnering with DSV, you will benefit from our collaboration with an accredited partner who will minimise risk and assure compliance of your offsets.  
  • 350+ project developers
  • 2000+ projects
  • 159M+ tonnes of co2e mitigated
  • $23BN+ dollars of shared value created

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Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability

Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability