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Whether you want to meet ambitious climate targets or improve the efficiency of your supply chain, a full supply chain analysis will help you achieve this.   

DSV offers holistic green value-added services to help reduce costs and CO2 emissions and design sustainable supply chains for the long-term.  
From our portfolio of services you can choose from CO2 diagnostics offerings focusing purely on emission reductions or from supply chain optimisation focusing on finding the right balance between CO2, cost, service levels and risk.

Let us take care of the process from start to finish. All strategies will be executed and followed through by our supply chain and sustainability experts.

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The process explained

  • Number 1

    You send a request inquiring about the product

  • Number 2

    DSV offers you different options from our green supply chain service portfolio

  • Number 3

    Proposal and scoping is carried out and sponsors are identified

  • Number 4

    Project charters are prepared 

  • Number 5

    Joint collaboration workshops are done 

  • Number 6

    Projects are initiated and tracked for value realisation


Our logistics review includes the following offerings:

CO2 Diagnostics

  • Number 1

    CO2 baseline data

    Reporting and establishing baselines of supply chain CO2 emissions for all modes of transport.
  • Number 2

    CO2 hotspot analysis

    Analysis of emissions data to identify lanes with high concentration of CO2 and where potential improvements should begin. 

  • Number 3

    Green procurement carrier analysis

    A unique offering from DSV to help lower CO2 emissions by providing a choice of green carriers.

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Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability

Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability