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Alternative packaging solutions and waste minimisation

We are continually working on how to minimise waste by optimising our packaging. Our goal is to deliver the necessary performance without adding unnecessary environmental impact. Ideally, we strive to replace conventional packaging with sustainable and fully recyclable solutions. Where this is not feasible, we explore ways to reduce the environmental impact of the material.

Introducing paper tape as a way to reduce packaging waste

In many warehouses, we have now switched to a recyclable paper tape to seal packaging instead of plastic tape. This new paper tape not only reduces packaging waste but also has a carbon footprint that is three times lower than the previous plastic tape and is over twice as strong.

Minimizing stretch foil for wrapping

In our pursuit of waste reduction in supply chain management, we are currently seeking a more sustainable alternative to LDPE stretch foil, which is used to protect goods in storage and transit. In the meantime, we have managed to reduce the amount of foil used by decreasing its thickness from 17µm to 11µm. We have also developed a way to configure the wrapping machine to use less foil, resulting in a material saving of up to 75%.

Furthermore, when pallets of goods arive in need of splitting for storage - or as part of different orders, we have replaced the use of PDFE foil with storage in gitterboxes.

Labels and waste reduction

To avoid waste, we have implemented a new system in many warehouses where we print the barcodes directly on the boxes, eliminating the need for separate labels.

Repurposing cardboard waste

To further reduce packaging waste, we have replaced the plastic used as fill-in materials in order boxes with shredded cardboard waste. This not only allows us to save on plastic but also repurposes the cardboard that would otherwise be sent for recycling.

At DSV, we continuously strive to improve the level of sustainability within our warehouse and distribution solutions across the supply chain.

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