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Fly into a new era of inventory management

Introducing warehouse drones to manage inventory is a gamechanger for warehouse management. Not only do automated drones save you manpower and time in checking inventory, but as they can fly at night and at the weekends, you can also reduce your warehouse downtime.
Autonomous drone flying in warehouse recording lables from pallet positions    

Fewer errors mean better control

With drones, you can significantly improve the data accuracy of your inventory count. During a count, the drones fly to inventory locations to scan the visible barcodes from floor level to the highest rack to count the assigned inventory items. They can even scan damaged and hard-to-read barcodes and identify empty locations. 

All data from each inventory scan is updated directly to the dashboard when the drone returns to the charging station. This gives you immediate access to the inventory status and significantly reduces the risk of human error.


Save energy and manpower

With drones carrying out your inventory management, you can save on staff and downtime. The drones can scan between 100 and 300 locations per hour and can also work at the weekends and at night so you can keep the warehouse running during the day. 

Why invest in drone technology?

For all types of inventory control

  • Moved location scan
    Typically carried out nightly to scan locations moved during a day and find and correct discrepancies immediately.
  • Confirm empty locations
    Typically carried out weekly to scan empty pallet locations to maintain accuracy.
  • Full facility scans
    An extensive scan of the entire facility to identify and correct all discrepancies.
  • Cycle counting/partial scans/customer scans
    Typically carried out as required on a list of locations or a specific area of the facility.

Integrated data with CargoWrite

The DSV warehouse drone technology is integrated with the DSV state-of-the-art warehouse management system CargoWrite. This multi-site, multi-client management system is one of the leading Warehouse Management Systems on the market and can be tailored to all operations.

Administrative warehouse employee at laptop in warehouse office

From idea to operation in just months

Once you’ve decided to invest in DSV warehouse drone technology, we make it as easy as possible for you to start realizing the benefits – in just months.

Drone implementation diagram

Throughout the project planning, you have one point of contact and one master contract that covers contracts with transport, logistics and shipping. This minimises delays and logistics costs. 

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Proven technology

DSV has 75 warehouse drones in use around the world that have flown more than 500,000 hours and checked over five million locations. With drone technology, you can enjoy the reliability of automation with the flexibility that running a warehouse demands. 

See how autonomous drones are used at our Vestby 1 warehouse in Norway

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