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Connecting the real value drivers

The DSV Supply Chain Calibration is an interdisciplinary, proven method to successfully map and link your supply chain and logistics network with your commercial strategy, thereby improving both performance and resilience.
  • Commercial strategy

    Your company’s commercial strategy is at the core of your business. Our job is not to change it, but to highlight where it can be reinforced through your supply chain strategy
  • Supply chain strategy

    Your supply chain strategy is a key driver to maximize company profitability. Taking your commercial strategy into account, we assess how the supply chain strategy is performing and where there might be areas that could benefit from change or optimization. 
  • logistics network

    When evaluating your supply chain strategy, we look at all the obvious places for improvement in your logistics network. We will also identify the logistics execution set-up and rate it according to your order winners and qualifiers (based upon APICS™ metrics)

A proven process to obtain the insights needed for action 

  • number 1

    Getting ready

    We discuss challenges and goals

    60 minutes call.

  • number 2

    Workshop preparation

    Introduction of tools and what to expect from the workshop. Decide on participants. 

    60 minutes call.

  • number 3


    Participate in workshop and discuss results. Explore different improvement initiatives. Receive roadmap for next steps. 
    4-8 hour workshop. F2F or virtual.

An active part 

You will be an active part of the project and we will do the math based on our extensive market knowledge and experience using the DSV Calibration engine.



You and your colleagues will attend a workshop where we utilize several practical tools to identify potential gaps and opportunities for your business
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Time spend 

The estimated time you will need to spend - from start to finish - is just 5 - 10 hours in total.

What to expect from the DSV Supply Chain Calibration?

  • A thorough evaluation of ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ logistics network 
  • A clear description of potential gaps and opportunities in costs, performance, resilience and sustainability

  • A stronger alignment of commercial and supply chain strategies driving order winners
  • Directional advice and support including a roadmap of specific actions to consider

Any questions?

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