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Freight forwarders maintain solid relationships with global agents and pass the benefits on to you. Things such as efficiency, speed, and service are top priorities for all parties involved.

Cost savings

Freight forwarders are able to negotiate better terms due to the high volume of containers and freight they move.


Freedom from multiple contracts

In today’s market, contracts are necessary for reliability and to limit liability. When moving your cargo across the country or the globe, you could possibly need to work with an air freight company, a sea freight company, and a road freight company. Instead of signing three different contracts with three different companies, a freight forwarder will handle dealing with the individual companies and you only have one contract with the forwarder.


Peace of mind

Freight forwarders offer peace of mind in the transport process. Rather than deal with several moving parts yourself, hiring an experienced forwarder removes many of the tedious administrative tasks and decisions from your plate. While you still have complete control over your shipments, you will not have to bother with vetting carriers, comparing prices, and negotiating services. You instead have one vendor, one point of contact, and the knowledge that your cargo transport is being handled by an expert.


Freight forwarders are valuable when it comes to meeting tight deadlines and dealing with unforeseen obstacles. An established forwarder has the resources to handle unforeseen circumstances like rerouted shipments or carrier delays. Ports close for reasons like major storms or government situations, causing shipments to be diverted. While you probably aren’t prepared to handle that situation smoothly, to a freight forwarder, it’s just another day at the office.


Additional services

While storing goods at an additional warehouse may seem unreasonable when you could possibly transport them longer distances for less money, utilising a forwarder's warehouse or distribution centre can give you more control over your inventory, putting you an ideal position to offer faster shipping and make you more competitive in your industry.

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