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The Board of Directors of DSV A/S has established a Diversity & Inclusion Policy which describes our standpoint and approach to diversity and inclusion. 

UN sustainability goal 8

In line with our Code of Conduct, DSV recognises and supports equal human rights and is against discrimination, differential treatment, harassment, inappropriate or unreasonable interference with work performance and similar in employment and working conditions. 

Our global presence in more than 80 countries means that we have a multi-faceted and diverse employee workforce, and our global reach and local presence bring together people from a multitude of backgrounds, all with different skills and experience. In line with our global values and leadership promise, we therefore know that a key word in fostering and maintaining diverse and inclusive workplaces is respect – respect for the individual and being respectful in the way we work together. 

We genuinely believe that having a diverse workforce, where employees can realise their potential based on their different individual backgrounds and thought diversity is a significant business advantage that we as a company can leverage upon. A diverse workforce in an inclusive culture fosters dynamic workplaces and, ultimately, better business decisions. 

Diversity & Inclusion in DSV

Diversity is the visible and invisible differences between people, including, but not limited to, gender, racial, cultural, national and occupational background, sexual preference, age, disability, religion and political opinion. It also refers to diverse ways of thinking and ways of working. Being inclusive is to recognise and accept the uniqueness of each individual – and to put that uniqueness before any visible and invisible traits and social identities that people carry with them. Inclusion is also about removing obstacles and barriers so that current and future employees have equal opportunities in the organisation, regardless of the traits described above. 

In order to become an even more diverse company, DSV has selected a number of focus areas, summarised below. The focus areas also work in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 10, aiming to reduce inequalities. 

Gender distribution

Building on our general approach to diversity as outlined above, a dedicated focus on gender and on achieving a balanced gender distribution in our organisation remains high on our agenda. We aim to obtain a more balanced gender ratio in the DSV Group, also at senior management levels. 

We believe that having a balanced workforce with equal access and opportunities for anyone wishing to join and progress within our company is essential to our success and contributes to ensuring a good working environment. 

We emphasise this focus through our recruitment, advancement and talent management practices and policies as well as through training initiatives. 

Diversity & Inclusion mindset 

To promote diversity thinking and knowledge among leaders in DSV, we have decided to strengthen our existing training programmes by making recruitment, diversity and bias training mandatory for people managers and HR staff. These topics will also be added to our global leadership training programmes.

By applying these initiatives, we intend to increase awareness about diversity in general and create an understanding of potential biases and stereotyping that may limit our ability to see individual differences and capabilities and removing barriers for equal opportunities in general. The initiatives will focus on a broad understanding of diversity, covering gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual, religious or political orientation, national origin and social/ cultural backgrounds, and will also focus on how our workplaces can become even more inclusive.


In DSV, our aim is to always hire the best candidate, based on merits and competencies relevant to the specific job. We do not evaluate skills based on or discriminate against gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual, religious or political orientation, national origin or social/ cultural background or any other characteristic protected by law.

When recruiting for senior management positions, it is a requirement that both female and male candidates with relevant skills and competencies are presented, no matter whether recruited internally or externally. Any non-compliance with this requirement must be explained. 

Also, when recruiting for senior management positions, the process will entail mandatory personality and cognitive ability assessments of the candidates.

When using headhunters to fill open positions, it is a requirement that they present both female and male candidates, without exception.  

Talent & Succession process

As part of the annual Talent & Succession process, people managers and HR staff will go through diversity and bias training, cf. above.

Furthermore, it will be emphasised that succession plans must reflect the general diversity of our talent pipeline, and, specifically, plans must feature potential female successors, also at senior management levels. 


Twice a year, the Executive Board and Group Executive Committee will receive reporting on gender distribution on management levels as well as a general status on diversity initiatives in DSV. Once a year, the Nomination Committee will receive the same reporting.  

Responsibility & scope

The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for this Policy and will review it annually based on recommendation from the Nomination Committee.  

The Policy applies to all employees and managers across the entire DSV Group, including the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. 

Managers of the DSV Group are responsible for implementing this Policy as part of their daily behaviour and management of employees, and for recognising and acting upon unacceptable behaviour. 

Employees of the DSV Group are responsible for implementing the Policy in their daily behaviour and interaction with colleagues, and for notifying their line manager or senior management if they have concerns with regards to the conduct of other employees. 

Download our Diversity and Inclusion Policy here

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