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In DSV we collect, generate, and apply a multitude of data in running our business and in delivering our logistics services to our customers. Examples include customer, supplier and contract data, consignment information, geolocation data and personal information on our more than 75,000 employees worldwide.

We also apply internally generated data from machine learning and artificial intelligence, and data generated in application of robotic technology.

We are fully committed to complying with all legal rules and regulations on data usage, storage and processing as part of our business operations and to ensure that these are duly reflected in our internal policies, processes, and control frameworks.

Furthermore, we recognize that the rapid development and availability in data access, technology, and application, requires additional considerations on how we collect, process, and use data ethically as a responsible company.

This report outlines our major data ethical policy areas and how we approach data ethics on a day-to-day basis.

Read our statutory report on data ethics policies here

We are committed to careful ethical considerations on responsible use of data and new technologies 

Data ethics reports

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