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Supporting local communities

At DSV, we are committed being a positive partner for the communities in which we do business. We do this through a combination of global partnerships and local initiatives. 

Making a difference for local communities 
We are engaged in various local initiatives tailored to meet specific community needs. Our local engagement varies from country to country, but is always aligned with our sustainability priorities and commitments. Our freight forwarding expertise and local knowledge enables us to provide essential support during emergencies, offering transportation and warehousing solutions among others.

Partnering with UNICEF  
We have entered a strategic partnership with UNICEF to leverage our logistics network and expertise, ensuring equitable access to essential supplies for children in need. 

Through this strategic partnership we will support the strengthening of UNICEF's supply chain, improving the efficient delivery of vital supplies for children worldwide. Our commitment involves utilising our most important assets – our skilled workforce and logistics capabilities – to foster a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership.

Employee engagement
By taking local action in support of our global sustainability priorities, many DSV employees across the world actively contribute to making our strategy come to life and make a difference. They are dedicating their personal efforts, ideas, and time to help local communities deal with environmental or social challenges. Through their dedication, a wide variety of local initiatives are taken, including fighting waste pollution, recovery activities following natural disasters, supporting school programs and improving reforestation. 

DSV Sustainability Impact Map
DSV sustainability impact map showcases our diverse local and global initiatives. This map illustrates how we translate our sustainability priorities into tangible action across our global operations. It showcases a range of initiatives, including cleanup activities, low-emission technology trials, school programs, reforestation, and disaster recovery efforts.  

DSV Sustainability Impact Map

Explore our impact map to discover the range of initiatives supporting sustainability across our global operations.

DSVs sustainability impact platform map

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Martin Andreasen, Executive Vice President, Group Compliance