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A lean supply chain with a flexible distribution model to pharmacies, hospitals and care homes is crucial to meet the increased demand from customers for value-added services during delivery.

DSV provides a broad range of GMP and GDP warehouse and distribution services com-prising FEFO picking, clinical trial management, repacking and display configuration, all controlled by our in-house pharmacists.

Our delivery services include next-day delivery, direct-to-hospital department deliveries, 24/7 standby service and recall management. All of these can also be offered in condition-controlled environments.

DSV’s quality and regulatory expertise group assures that quality and regulatory standards are continually being integrated into our logistics solutions and operational management.
Direct delivery models and in-hospital services have recently become key success factors in this competitive market.

DSV serves several industry leaders, for whom we operate dedicated and multi-user warehouse operations. We manage regional distribution centres with ‘control towers’ – some of them managing over 1,000 shipments a day.

Our services include packaging and repackaging, labelling and kitting (before shipping the goods for final delivery to the hospital ward where products are replenished by DSV), managing waste, returns and stock levels, restacking based on expiration date, and swapping products. We are organised around, and experienced in, delivering your products to countless different types of destinations: from pharmacies to retailers, as well as direct to patients.