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Supplier Code of Conduct

We expect our suppliers to share and live up to the same ethical standards that we hold ourselves to.

When DSV Panalpina enters into agreements with suppliers who carry out services on behalf of the company, the suppliers become ambassadors because we are part of the same value chain. Therefore, we expect every supplier to share and live up to the same ethical standards that we hold ourselves to. This expected ethical behaviour is laid out in the Supplier Code of Conduct. 

Read the full Supplier Code of Conduct here or read a summary of the contents below:


The DSV Panalpina Group expects its Suppliers to conduct business in an ethical and lawful manner and to use the following specific rules to address anti-corruption. The Code does not prohibit normal and appropriate hospitality – given or received.

  • Suppliers must not accept or offer bribes of any kind
  • As a supplier to DSV, you are strictly prohibited from making facilitation payments or accepting such practice in any country by any party
  • So-called kickbacks are also considered bribery, and it is therefore prohibited for suppliers to give kickbacks to or receive kickbacks 
  • Suppliers must not engage in money laundering or any activity that facilitates money laundering, funding of terrorism and any other criminal activities

Giving and receiving gifts 

DSV is aware that entertainment, hospitality and the exchange of business gifts are considered common practice and part of building and maintaining business relationships throughout the world.

When acting on behalf of a company of the DSV Panalpina Group, suppliers are not allowed to accept or offer monetary gifts. Paid travel expenses, hotel accommodation and restaurant visits must be directly related to the business conducted with DSV Panalpina. 


Competition laws must be strictly adhered to at all times. To ensure compliance as a supplier, you must be aware of situations that could have an impact on competition.

  • Regardless of the contract form, agreements must always be negotiated in accordance with fair competition principles 
  • As a supplier, you must observe the same degree of diligence and must not conclude any contracts or agreements, formal or informal, with the purpose or likely effect of substantially limiting competition

Processing of information 

As a supplier, you must respect and protect the confidentiality of information belonging to DSV, our customers, other suppliers and business partners. That includes: 

  • Suppliers are not allowed to disclose any confidential or proprietary information received during or after your collaboration with the company to any external parties.
  • Suppliers are expected to support and consider the impact of the DSV brand and avoid any damaging or derogatory communication. 

Working conditions

DSV Panalpina strongly believes that human rights are fundamental and should always be protected. It is company policy that anyone who carries out services for the DSV Panalpina Group, whether directly as an employee or indirectly as an employees of a supplier, must be treated decently and with dignity.

In practice 

Suppliers must comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct at any time. They must also comply with these principles when choosing business partners and when conducting their business and providing services on behalf of the DSV Panalpina Group.

We encourage our suppliers to be alert to and show vigilance in situations that could result in misconduct. Any non-compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct must be reported to your DSV contact person or through our Whistleblower programme. 

Download and read DSV's Supplier Code of Conduct

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