Meet our people

Jay Newey, Solutions Architect Global IT

Oregon, USA


“Logistics play such a significant role in how we live our lives and there are always new ways to solve the puzzle”.
Finding the right answers to complex questions is the core of his job. Jay designs sustainable, maintainable and business-critical IT solutions that meet customers’ needs today as well as in the future. IT is at the core of our business in DSV and is vital to our success.

Jay has extensive experience within Transport and Logistics and is very excited about his new job at DSV’s huge in-house IT organisation with 1200 employees all over the world.

“I love to be part of all aspects of a project and to work closely with colleagues from different cultures. It’s a unique opportunity for me to make a difference and play a part in our global marketplace”.

Mathias Welcher, Regional CFO

South Africa


“I’ve learned that if you are committed, take ownership and overcome challenging situations, DSV will provide you with the opportunities and support you need to achieve your goals and make a difference”

Mathias started in 2007 as a trainee in DSV’s Danish finance department. From there his career quickly took off and he has worked his way up to a position as manager and leader based in South Africa. Mathias’ rapid development is nowhere near unique in DSV: it’s not your age that determines the responsibilities you’re given. It’s what you give and achieve that count.

“We have a lot of brilliant and highly educated people. But we also appreciate the qualities of people who have learned the job hands-on. In DSV the best argument wins and hard work pays off.”

Jason Ye, Supply Chain Advisor

Hedehusene, Denmark


"My goal is to make our customers more competitive and successful by optimising their supply chains."

Jason moved from China to work at DSV’s head office just outside Copenhagen. He has already fallen in love with his new home and the culture in DSV.

“DSV is a very performance driven and decentralised organisation. The management is so down to earth, honest and the communication is very open. I really feel the value of that. We can make quick decisions and immediately adjust to market developments for the benefit of our customers. That’s how I like it."

Nobantu Mqulwana, Director Client Solutions

Johannesburg, South Africa


“If you keep an open mind, there’s a lot to be learned at DSV. The ability to share and reapply what you learn across continents is one of the biggest perks of working for a multinational organisation of this size.”

Nobantu works in South Africa, where she has recently had opportunity to take on a new role working across two different DSV divisions – the DSV Air and Sea division and the DSV Solutions division.

“Focusing more on the Solutions team where I have been spending a lot of time getting through my induction, I’m learning the business from some really smart people and am truly fascinated by some of the amazing things we can do. It’s an environment characterised by a high degree of teamwork and collaboration.”

Rikke Thomsen, Contract Manager

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


"I feel very privileged working in such an international environment and have found great support from management and colleagues in making my dreams come true.”

When Rikke moved to China seven years ago she got a warm welcome from her new colleagues in DSV’s office in Shanghai, who come from more than ten different countries. She felt immediately at home in the dynamic and informal international environment as she quickly settled into the new culture. Her journey in DSV began as a freight forwarder in Denmark and she has quickly turned it in to a global career.

“It’s cool to work with so many different cultures. It’s given me a lot personally and professionally, and I’ve gained a strong network of friends, colleagues and business partners all over the globe”.