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Meet our people

Pia D. Laugesen, Divisional Manager

Horsens, Denmark


”I love improving the way we do things, following new trends and being at the cutting edge with the right resources at the right time. It means a lot to me to have staff on side, enjoying their work and doing what they are good at.”

Pia started her career as DSV as a trainee. A very ambitious person, she wanted to make her mark and had desired to see the world. This led to her being sent to Paris for an assignment, an enormous experience which gave her a strong network worth its weight in gold for her everyday work.

"When I see a truck on the road, it makes be proud and it almost feels like I’m the one in the driver’s seat. DSV is a great example of a Danish company which is successful in international business. We have the ambitions and we make decisions that are well thought through – it all suits me very well."

Lynn Hu, Customer Success Manager

Shanghai, China


 “DSV is my haven. It’s a stable and solid place to work and I see it improving every year”

It’s been a fantastic journey for Lynn since she joined DSV 11 years ago, moving up the career ladder through various different positions.

"There are opportunities everywhere in DSV if you are dedicated. Working with so many colleagues from different countries and cultures means we all get to learn from each other. It’s helped me with my career development as well as being great on a personal level.”

Rasmus Mygind Jensen, Freight Forwarder

Horsens, Denmark


When Rasmus finished his training as a freight forwarder in early 2016, he was offered the chance to continue on to a management training course or to be assigned to one of DSV’s numerous offices around the world. He chose the management training.

“It’s really easy to live your dreams here at DSV, if that’s what you want. There’s room for everyone here.”

As a freight forwarder. Rasmus has learned a lot about different companies and markets and how global trade functions. He loves communicating with hauliers around the world every day, with other companies and not least with customers – and he especially loves bring everything together and making sure wheels turn smoothly.

"Working in a good, global, Danish company means a lot to me. DSV gives me lots of opportunities and I’m proud to work here. It really feels like a family and I’m really proud of our amazing achievements."

Gary Kioussis, Manager Global Commercial Organisation

London, United Kingdom


“With DSV I get to travel the world. I’ve found that however rich and diverse our people are, we are one family with everyone proudly wearing a DSV badge.”

Gary has been working for DSV for an impressive 36 years. He has seen at first hand the massive growth of the company from his various periods working and living in Harwich, London, Paris and Dublin. He has been with the company almost all his career – something which is not that uncommon in DSV.

"I’ve got the opportunity to explore all my desired career paths within one company, and broaden my knowledge through constant learning. People are recognised for who they are and have the opportunity to enhance their careers, not only where they are right now but where they want to be.”

Jason Ye, Supply Chain Advisor



"My goal is to make our customers more competitive and successful by optimising their supply chains."

Jason moved from China to work at DSV’s head office just outside Copenhagen. He has already fallen in love with his new home and the culture in DSV.

“DSV is a very performance driven and decentralised organisation. The management is so down to earth, honest and the communication is very open. I really feel the value of that. We can make quick decisions and immediately adjust to market developments for the benefit of our customers. That’s how I like it."