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Self-service tools

DSV’s self-services give you complete control and overview of your shipments.
We have a number of self-service tools to help you manage your logistics and shipments. Your local DSV contact will assist you with accessing the right service for your needs.

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management is a support function for inbound operations. It provides you with active control of critical events within your inbound supply chain processes. The service adds an additional layer of visibility to your shipments by linking purchase orders to shipments. This enables you to track each purchase order’s progress.

Learn more about DSV Purchase Order Management

Online booking

Book your transport online 24 hours a day. You can make bookings manually or using a number of different EDI solutions. Simply enter the required details and the shipment will be given a unique bar code that you print and attach to the shipment. We ensure that the correct ID number and documentation will follow the shipment all the way to its destination.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) allow you to track products throughout the entire storage and distribution process. The service includes monitoring of individual stock keeping units (SKUs), warehouse storage locations, dock doors and expected labour productivity.

myDSV Track & Trace

Track your shipments using our myDSV Track & Trace tool. You can see shipment details and events, planned as well as actual.
Basic tracking information is available in simple Track & Trace, to see full details a username and login is required.

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