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We believe that by respecting a set of ethical principles and guidelines, we create stronger and more trusting relationships with customers, investors, suppliers, authorities and other stakeholders.

We also believe that behaving ethically helps us to attract and retain talented people – people want to work for a company that demonstrates its integrity.

Our company has operations all over the world, which means that we employ, and do business with people of many different cultures. Therefore, business ethics for us starts with respecting different cultures and respecting the dignity and rights of individuals in all countries.

Code of conduct

Business ethics at DSV is guided by our code of conduct. Its core principles help us to act safely and ethically in our everyday work. Without exception, everyone at DSV must follow the code of conduct, just as they must follow national legislation and international regulations. Learn more about our code of conduct.

Whistle-blower channels
If someone at DSV, or a business partner, witnesses a breach or a suspected breach of law or of our code of conduct, they are urged to report it through our whistle-blower programme. We have launched a whistle-blower website and an app, where incidents can be easily reported. Our whistle-blower channels are administered by an external provider to ensure the anonymity of those reporting an incident. 

Report a concern

Reporting externally

While DSV encourages the use of the internal whistleblower system, employees or external third parties can also make use of external reporting channels to address concerns of breaches to local authorities.

In Denmark, an external reporting channel has been established within the Danish Data Protection Agency. For information on the applicable local authority in your country, please contact Group Compliance.

If applicable, breaches of EU laws and regulations can be reported to the appropriate function within the EU, such as the EU Commission.

Any questions?

Contact Jesper Petersen, Senior Director, Group Compliance

Contact Jesper Petersen, Senior Director, Group Compliance