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We provide our customers with reports on the carbon emissions from the services we provide them. Our goal is to provide complete transparency over carbon emissions, and to that end, we are strengthening our reporting setup in 2020 with one of the leading CO2 emissions reporting systems – EcoTransIT World. This system improves our ability to calculate and optimise the carbon footprint of our customers’ shipments across multi-geographical and multi-modal supply chains.

Specifically, the software allows us to calculate the direct and indirect energy consumption and emissions of vehicles during cargo transport. The software can capture information about routing, weight, loading factors etc. and calculate the emissions with a high level of detail. 

Receive CO2 reports for your shipments 

While we implement EcoTransIT, you can still benefit from our current CO2 reporting system. If you are a DSV customer, you can receive quarterly, half-yearly or annual CO2 emissions reports for your shipments.

Our reporting system considers a range of parameters, such as distance, mode, and weight, and is complianct with the EU standard for emissions reporting in transport services, EN16258, as well as the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework. The key metric calculated is CO2e (CO2 equivalent), which allows other greenhouse gas emissions to be expressed in terms of CO2 based on their relative global warming potential (GWP). This approach has a wide coverage and includes other harmful gases.

The report will show the emissions per transport mode, i.e. road, sea and air. You will also receive the overview of transport emission efficiency for each transport mode. Once you have your own report, you can start to monitor your emissions over time to see whether they increase or decrease.

CO2 reports

What our CO2 reports contain

You will receive a summary page with the following:

  • CO2e emissions: the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases emitted by your shipments split by mode. 
  • Transport emissions efficiency: a key figure showing how much CO2e is generated by transporting 1 metric tonne or 1 TEU of cargo over a distance of 1 kilometre. 


To request a CO2 report, please contact your DSV account manager or local DSV responsible.

Any questions?

Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability

Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability