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Become a certified Freight Forwarder – join the Young DSV programme

DSV has just launched the first ever pan-European, certified freight forwarder programme

DSV has just launched the first ever pan-European, certified freight forwarder programme.

The first Young DSV pilot class will start 1 September 2015 with trainees from Ireland, Spain, Norway, Romania, France, Germany and United Kingdom – possibly even more participating DSV countries.

Upon completing the two-year programme, trainees will receive a centrally and locally validated business college diploma. The trainees will receive on-the-job training in their home countries and unite for weeklong courses (8 modules) at regular intervals throughout the period.

The aim is to build and maintain a steady pipeline of certified freight forwarders across Europe to support future developments in Europe and globally.

"This is critical to our business. The global war for talent is blazing, and as we grow, we need to ensure that the spring of young talented DSV’s keeps flowing to supply an ever-expanding organisation. The best way to do that is to offer the same freight forwarder education across Europe, increasing both the number and distribution of talents," Jan Jensen, Head of HR Road Holding, explains.

At the moment, only a few European countries offer a formalised education as freight forwarder.

"This won’t be enough to keep us going in the future," Jan Jensen continues.

Get a job and an education

In addition to the benefits of educating our freight forwarders to a common European standard and increasing the number of young talents, DSV can now offer young people across Europe an education as well as a job.

"Nobody else is doing it, so it really creates a unique position for us as an employer. This is great news all around," Jan Jensen ends.

Recruitment for the programme has started and is ongoing. 

Contact us at young.dsv@dsv.com