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Red Cross Denmark signs international agreement with DSV

Red Cross Denmark has signed a strategic agreement with DSV for the storage and transport of approximately 60 tonnes of relief equipment – among other things.

“We need space to store our relief equipment, so we can act quickly when disaster strikes. It’s absolutely key for us; and we are very excited to have access to a total of 2,000 m2 of storage space at DSV’s warehouse close to Roskilde [DK]. It’s a very welcome doubling of our warehouse capacity,” says Red Cross Denmark’s Secretary General Anders Ladekarl.

DSV donates two adjacent warehouse spaces

The new Red Cross/DSV warehouse in Roskilde is split into two spaces – one for storage of relief equipment and one for testing and training, so Red Cross’ staff can practice set-up and get familiar with new equipment.

In addition to the agreement for free delivery of warehousing and logistics services in Roskilde, DSV will act as strategic partner to Red Cross Denmark and its 30 international partner countries. Support will include donations and logistics services as well as access to expertise and advice in connection with projects locally and globally.

“For a while now, DSV has been looking for a global charity partner; and Red Cross was chosen, because we feel that we can help to make a difference doing what we do best – global transport and logistics. Like DSV, Red Cross is an international organisation, so we will be able to support Red Cross worldwide. We are looking very much forward to that,” says DSV A/S’ CEO Jens Bjørn Andersen.

Logistics plays an essential role in relief work

Birgitte Ebbesen, Chief of International Affairs, is looking forward to having a professional logistics partner at hand: “In Red Cross, we have a lot of experience with providing disaster and emergency relief, but we can’t do much if we can’t get our equipment and staff to the emergency area. We depend on being able to get there and acting quickly; this is something DSV can really help us with as they have a lot of experience with transport and logistics. It’s a great plus for all of our projects”.

The agreement does not specify any particular projects, however, focus will be on relief work and quick response to emergency situations. In DSV, the agreement has been implemented globally, encouraging all of DSV’s more than 80 countries to support local Red Cross projects.