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Testing hybrid trucks in Sweden

Using a combination of biodiesel and electricity to power trucks will reduce unhealthy carbon dioxide emissions.

DSV Sweden is currently testing a unique Atego Hybrid truck from Mercedes-Benz in Malmo city distribution. The truck runs on both electricity and the new biofuel HVO 100.

After a six-month test period in Malmo city traffic, the project will be evaluated. The results will help determine if electric hybrids can become long-term solutions to distribution in metropolitan areas, which are especially vulnerable to air pollution.

"Mercedes Atego Hybrid is our latest investment in environmentally certified vehicles as part of our long-term efforts to reduce environmental impact. We definitely see the benefits of having a new type of distribution vehicle in urban traffic, as the combination of HVO and electricity produces significantly lower emissions levels of carbon dioxide. It will be interesting to see how it works to drive a hybrid in the urban environment and the environmental benefits it provides," says Staffan Klinterhäll, Business area manager.

I think it's really exciting that we are testing a hybrid truck. With this investment, we continue our active environmental efforts towards sustainable logistics in close cooperation with our customers.

says Magnus Malmqvist, Regional Director SWE, NOR and FIN and Managing Director, DSV Road AB

What is HVO 100 fuel?

HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, which is an advanced renewable biomass in the form of 100% synthetic diesel. Contrary to what the name implies, a large part of the Swedish HVO 100 is produced using slaughterhouse (animal) waste in addition to vegetable oils. HVO 100 may reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%. Other emissions (CO/HC/NOx and particulates) is 20-60% lower compared to regular diesel.

Please contact Christer Hagsund, CFO DSV Road AB for more information