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Brexit: Panalpina is ready to uphold customers’ supply chains

Given the many Brexit challenges, Panalpina has set up a special task force to help customers find individual solutions. It also offers the following services to uphold customers' supply chains: tailored Air Freight solutions provided by the company's Charter Network, customs clearance and consulting, warehousing and other value-added logistics services, supply chain redesign and consulting.

In light of the UK Parliament’s rejection of the draft Withdrawal Agreement on January 15, 2019 and still ongoing negotiations between the British government and the EU Commission, it remains possible that the UK will leave the European Union on March 29, 2019 in a “no deal” scenario – a so-called “hard Brexit”.

One result of a “hard Brexit” could be that exporting or importing goods from or into the UK will be subject to some form of border controls with additional formalities and/or duties. As a consequence, hindrances to the flow of all sorts of goods at the UK/EU borders cannot be ruled out.

Companies that need to import or export goods across the UK border risk the disruption of their supply chains as a result of congestions and delays at ports and airports. Also, the increased demand for storage space might lead to warehouse capacity crunches.

Given the many Brexit challenges, Panalpina has set up a special task force to help customers find individual solutions.

“There has rarely been a greater threat to international trade and supply chains that we knew of in advance. Brexit will have a massive impact on businesses not only in the UK, but throughout the world. Panalpina is committed to sustaining its customers’ supply chains,” assures Panalpina’s regional CEO for Europe, Christian Wurst.

Panalpina offers the following services to uphold customers’ supply chains:

  • Tailored Air Freight solutions provided by the company’s Charter Network
  • Customs clearance and consulting
  • Warehousing and other value-added logistics services
  • Supply chain redesign and consulting

“While uncertainty prevails, we are planning ahead for all possible scenarios. We are engaged in regular exchanges with the Freight Transport Association, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as government bodies, so we get informed first-hand about any relevant changes, for example regarding customs regulations,” adds Wurst.

Customers with questions regarding Brexit and what it will likely mean for their supply chains can e-mail brexit.queries@panalpina.com. The special task force will help get the answers and individual solutions they need – irrespective of the final Brexit outcome.