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Empowerment is the key word

Understanding the culture of DSV

Empowerment is the key word

The central concept of the original DSV (short for The Consolidated Hauliers) was to form a collaborative business that would empower the small, independent owner-operators to compete with the bigger players in the transport market. 

This concept and the culture are still very much a part of DSV (no longer short for anything). Today, the countries represent the “small” operators who are empowered by the large consolidated network and cost leadership of the DSV Group.

Another central concept is that the operational units remain independent and able to make their own decisions close to market – albeit within the corporate framework.

DSV is characterised by being a decentralised organisation, in which the operational units are expected and empowered to drive their own performance.

We value empowerment

Because the operational units are generally empowered to make their own decisions when it comes to their business and customers, entrepreneurship and responsibility thrive in DSV.

Great ideas and initiatives are acknowledged and rewarded, because they help move us forward. In DSV, it’s better to show initiative and fail than remain passive and miss the shot altogether. 

“We strive to attract, motivate and retain talented people by offering responsibility, empowerment and growth opportunities” – DSV’s People statement.

We have a very strong performance culture

In DSV, we are competitive; we want to grow our business and workplace to be among the very best in class. And much of the company’s success is driven by the ambition to do better every day.

CFO Jens H. Lund elaborates: 

“When your goal is continued growth, you have to dare to step forward – and sometimes you will take a step in the wrong direction, a step too far or not far enough. The important thing is to try and to be able to quickly adjust if you make a mistake. That’s why we focus so much on our systems and processes – to ensure transparency and quick corrective action”.

As a company and workforce, we are absolutely driven by results. Our systems enable employees to track both individual and general performance.

We think of it as empowering them to do what they do best – buy and sell transport and logistics services. 

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