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DSV’s new Oslo facility features robotic storage

DSV Road and Solutions’ new head office outside of Oslo in Norway features a robotic storage and retrieval system particularly suited for e-commerce operations.

dsvs new oslo facility features robotic storage

Since the end of May this year, DSV Road and Solutions have moved gradually from three other sites around Oslo to the new Vestby facility which is now operational. The new location just south of Oslo comprises a terminal of 12,000 sqm, 32,000 sqm warehouse including a 7,000 sqm mezzanine, and 4,700 sqm office and personnel facilities.

Robotic storage system

Vestby is one of the first DSV warehouses that is equipped with a robotic storage and retrieval system in addition to traditional racking and thus it is particularly suited to cater to e-commerce operations.

“With the automated storage system, we obtain increased storage density and flexibility. Combined with the more effective picking methods compared to traditional methods, we can provide our customers with more cost-efficient services,” says Brian Winther Almind, Executive Vice President, Group Property, DSV Panalpina A/S.

Focus on sustainability aspects

The new 50,000 sqm facility (equivalent to 535,000 sq.ft.) is built in accordance with the Breeam-NOR standard. DSV has worked with environmental and sustainability aspects through the entire process to ensure that the facility meets the standard required to obtain the desired certificate and thereby emphasize that we focus on the facility’s environmental performance.

“In addition to the overall performance of the new facility, the power consumption used to operate the automated robotic storage and retrieval system is considerably lower than running a conventional picking and packing operation and thus adds positively to the environmental and sustainability aspects we have committed ourselves to,” says Brian Winther Almind.

Based on the initial experience with the automated storage system, DSV is already looking into the possibilities of installing similar storage and retrieval systems in a number of other buildings.

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Maiken Riise Andersen, Senior Manager, Head of Corporate Communication

Maiken Riise Andersen, Senior Manager, Head of Corporate Communication