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Peace treaty between Israel and UAE opens new trade lane in the Middle East

On September 24th, DSV carried out the first direct shipment between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, following the newly signed treaty to establish diplomatic ties between the counties.

The perfume shipment sent to Israel from UAE
This historic shipment of perfume was flown by El Al. Such a shipment might easily have taken 10 days from supplier to destination before the signing of the peace treaty, but now the transit time from door-to-door will be cut in half.

This peace treaty opens up a new trade lane with tremendous potential and DSV will be able to offer our full range of services to and from all continents at a reduced transit time and cost. DSV colleagues in UAE and Israel are working enthusiastically on new and alternative solutions and look forward to introducing them to our global partners”, Michael Carstensen, Managing Director, DSV UAE comments on the signing of the treaty.

“Israeli business will now have an official, stable bridge to the entire Arab world, opening up huge opportunities in the Arab markets for Israeli firms, which could dramatically boost Israel's import from the UAE and exports to the UAE,” Sigal Mannheim-Katzovich, Managing Director, DSV Air & Sea & Solutions, Israel, adds to the comments of her DSV colleague from the United Arab Emirates.

If you need advice on and assistance in planning transportation on the new trade lane, contact DSV in Israel or UAE.

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Maiken Riise Andersen, Senior Manager, Head of Corporate Communication

Maiken Riise Andersen, Senior Manager, Head of Corporate Communication