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We bring absolute accuracy and speed to your semicon transport and logistics.

As a trusted partner, we offer tailored and flexible solutions to enhance your semiconductor supply chain and provide a competitive edge in this rapidly changing business environment. We don't only understand the dynamic nature of the industry, but have built in flexibility to be able to work with market dependent schedule changes. With our know-how, reliable global network and willingness to invest in your supply chain, your business can get the support it deserves.

What do we move?

The highest level of security

We recognise that the components, equipment and infrastructure used in the semiconductor industry represent high value for your business. For this reason, we offer a range of security measures for all semicon cargo moved within the DSV network:

  • White glove handling service for dedicated and sensitive cargo.
  • Airport tarmac approved staff and ground handling service to ensure smooth airport operations and limit the risk of damages.
  • Regular airport audits to maintain the highest standards of security and compliance in busy airports across the world.
  • On site supervisions with our personnel physically on site when handling, loading and transporting high value tools and equipment – and information, including pictures, transferred live via an app to your logistics team.
  • Trusted network of transport providers with over 50 years of experience handling your valuable cargo.
  • Digital tracking for full visibility and a clear overview.

Capital equipment 

Our team has extensive experience in meeting the complex logistics demands that are involved in moving the highly sophisticated and sensitive equipment used to produce semiconductors. Furthermore, we have security measures in place to ensure your equipment arrives on time and in pristine condition.

Finished product

Once your semiconductors are produced, we can help you transport and distribute these high-value products to your customers. For visibility and security, we use digital tracking systems so you can monitor their progress to their final destination in real-time.

Warehousing and storage

When required, we also offer high-security storage of capital equipment. Our warehouse facilities are TAPA-certified, temperature-controlled and can be equipped to meet the needs of your stored goods.

  • Nitrogen-purging facility
  • Continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity and light 
  • Trained warehouse staff

Read more about our warehousing solutions

Inbound raw materials

Our technology team is highly experienced in managing the complex inbound supply chains of semiconductor manufacturing. We also know that any downtime can have enormous consequences for your business. That’s why we offer fast support, reliable logistics solutions and specialist transport solutions using our trusted partners. This keeps your production lines running 24/7 to support your semiconductor business success. 

Full visibility and a real-time overview

In addition, we offer a secure IT infrastructure with real-time end-to-end visibility and control tools so you can keep your semiconductor supply chain flowing reliably. This can include a control tower solution that coordinates all of your semiconductor operations providing you with one point of contact and an optimised supply chain. 

Read about how we work with visibility

Fab construction

The construction of semicon fabs is gaining pace around the world as countries see technology production to be of vital interest to national security. We support your semicon fab construction by arranging transport and logistics of all the building materials and construction elements required for these highly specialised manufacturing facilities.

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Investing in your semicon supply chain

In the coming years, DSV is investing 500M USD in supply chain infrastructure for the semiconductor industry in the US alone. For example, we have built warehouses across the US specifically tailored for the semiconductor industry and invested in specialized trucks for moving equipment. We are also proud to open the first new airport for the semiconductor industry in Arizona with another planned to open soon in Ohio. 

Specialist infrastructure for your global semicon operations


  • America: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Oregon, Ohio
  • Europe: Dresden, Dublin, Eindhoven
  • Middle East: Kiryat Gat
  • Asia: Singapore


  • America: Arizona, Connecticut, Los Angeles, Ohio
  • Europe: Dresden, Dublin, Eindhoven, France, Italy
  • Middle East: Tel Aviv
  • Asia: China, India, Penang, Seoul, Singapore, Taiwan, Tokyo, Vietnam
Map of the USA showing specialist infrastructure for semicon operations

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