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It's your business - make sure it's protected

Get tailored insurance coverage matching your exact needs and peace of mind knowing that your goods are protected against unpredictable events.

We take the utmost care of your goods. Regardless, various unavoidable perils and accidents can cause damage and expose your goods to risks. Whether you ship by sea, air or road or store goods in warehouses, having your goods and shipments insured is crucial to protect your business. 

Our insurance solutions allow you to secure your business in case of unexpected circumstances. Safeguard your supply chain with cargo insurance and storage insurance coverage and let DSV tailor the transport and insurance to your needs.

Let us insure your business

  • Airplane wing with blue sky background

    Transfer the risk with cargo insurance

    On rare occasions unavoidable incidents happen when goods are transported. Our Cargo Insurance will protect your potential loss if the unforeseen happens while your goods are being transported.
  • Warehouse shelfs in DSV

    Protect your business with storage insurance

    Unfortunately, you can’t control a sudden problem. But with a warehouse insurance you can control the outcome. With Storage Insurance, we cover your goods in case of damage or loss during storage.

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