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Our health and safety culture

At DSV, we continuously strive to improve our safety capacity. We seek to drive our company forward while managing risks, improving standards and finding better ways to keep our people safe. 

To enhance workplace safety, we ensure that our employees are aware of and follow safety regulations, our standards and Code of Conduct. With an ever-changing business world, providing guidelines and setting clear expectations for behavior is a must.

The foundation of our health and safety policy are the four main pillars

Our approach to health and safety starts with partnerships, collaboration and training initiatives. Anyone that works for DSV in a safety capacity will receive the relevant health and safety training. This ensures that we have safety professionals across the world with an in-depth understanding of our health and safety programme.

Managing our performance
The occupational health and safety strategy is anchored within the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. It is furthermore supported by the local managements across our global network.

We apply useful health and safety controls and drive leadership engagement both globally and locally to foster a safety culture and ensure that we continuously improve our safety performance. We are committed to reducing the risk of accidents, incidents and ill health to ensure that all DSV employees feel valued and safe in their jobs. This commitment also applies to subcontractors, customers and visitors to our locations.

We have a clear ambition to eliminate fatalities which is supported by our zero-fatality target. We are working diligently to identify and mitigate risks, and in cases of serious or fatal accidents, a specialised global team will support the local operation to conduct a thorough investigation of the accident and identify adequate responses.

DSV is ISO 45001 certified in 33% of our locations. We are a people business and we prioritise health and safety, ensuring a safe workspace. Our commitment, reflected in international standards, demonstrates legal compliance, risk reduction, and operational efficiency. This certification underscores our dedication to employee well-being and our proactive approach with the highest health and safety standards.

Resilience management 
At DSV, a crisis management framework and a corresponding team have been established to ensure that we are prepared to handle potential risks and regain control in situations where considerable crises occur. Our crisis management framework is implemented throughout the organisation and is based on global standards and procedures. It enables us to respond to incidents and events in a determined and consistent manner and thus ensure fast recovery.

Regardless of whether an incident or crisis is minor, major or critical and whether it is due to internal or external events, we are well prepared and able to limit the impact on employee safety, production continuity and/or reputational damage

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