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Excellent IT is crucial to the transport industry

You create the systems behind the scenes which keep the wheels turning and fuel the massive machinery that we call international logistics

IT is a growing and integral part of the operations of DSV. Together, we are around 2000 employees spread across various countries and regions all over the world, giving us a truly global presence.


Business-critical IT to support DSV

Each day, we work to constantly achieve new breakthroughs and provide new intelligent products for our customers. We continuously utilise our knowledge and skills to enhance our technological capabilities, boost our position in the industry, and accelerate the growth and success of DSV.

With talented teams, a booming innovation lab and technological portfolio, we offer our employees the chance to boost their careers by developing and exposing themselves to intelligent state-of-the-art technologies, implemented on a global scale across DSV’s vast international network.

We play a significant role in global logistics operations as one of the world’s largest third-party logistics providers. Looking forward, we are on a mission to become a technological leader within our field, setting the standard for the rest of the industry. Are you up for the challenge of making DSV an industry leader in technology?

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Mogens  Larsen
We provide the tools for the operation. It is our job to do the very best we can and ensure good, smooth-running systems that provide everything the forwarders in the operations need, so that they are able to focus on using their skills and expertise to forward goods for our customers. In that way, we all play on the same team and contribute to the constant development of DSV.

Mogens Larsen, Senior Director, Global IT - Denmark

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