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Another hat-trick for DSV: Best CEO, CFO and Chairman for the second year in a row

Kurt Larsen, Chairman of DSV’s Board of Directors, is the best Chairman in Denmark according to a new rating. He joins CEO Jens Bjørn Andersen and CFO Jens Lund as best in class, making it yet another triple win for DSV.

Chairman Kurt Larsen’s top rating is “unrivalled” in the rating by the publication Økonomisk Ugebrev (Economic Weekly Update) – a Danish journal focusing on news and trends in economics and business.

Every year, the publication asks a number of industry experts to vote for the best CEO, CFO and Chairman of a Board among the top 50 listed businesses in Denmark. 

When the ratings for CEO and CFO were disclosed earlier this year, DSV’s Jens Bjørn Andersen and Jens Lund were also both rated number one, and received high praises:

“The analysts and portfolio managers’ assessment of the management duo has almost no reservations despite the giant acquisition of the competitor Panalpina at a very high purchasing price…

Had it been almost any other company, the share price would have fallen dramatically, but not for DSV: The Transport and Logistics company has an impressive track-record for efficient integration of acquired companies, and the market seems to fully trust that will happen again.”

Second triple win in a row 

With the announcement of Kurt Larsen as best ranked Chairman of a Board, DSV now has the best CEO, CFO and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the second year in a row, as all three were also rated best in class one in 2018.

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