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Easy shipment financing

Put the ability to pay your suppliers and extend your payment terms right at your fingertips with Supply Chain Finance from DSV. Pay only when used.

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There’s a smarter way to finance your import shipments

For many small and medium-sized enterprises, access to equitable trade financing solutions is hard to come by, with lenders often requiring fixed assets and additional securities before providing a loan.

DSV offers a better way forward. We help clients pre-finance individual shipments with no registration fees, no minimum financing amount, and no additional loan securities. The result? A transparent, efficient, and cost-effective way to finance import shipments. Register for your FREE account today.

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Stress-Free shipments in 7 simple steps 

  • Start

    Register online

    Create your account and submit your credit check documents in less than 10 minutes.

  • number 1

    Negotiate rates 

    Negotiate rates with your supplier following your company’s standard process.

  • number 2

    Invoice dsv group services gmbh

    Mention DSV as the invoice addressee/recipient for your transaction. 

  • number 3

    Ship with dsv

    Transport your goods by air, sea, road, or rail with the logistics experts at DSV to your final delivery address according to the standard operational process.

  • number 4

    Upload your supplier invoice

    Log in to our platform, select your DSV import reference, and upload your supplier invoice. 

  • number 5

    Pay supplier quickly

    DSV pays your supplier within 48 hours, unlocking potential early payment discounts. 

  • number 6

    Final delivery

    Goods are efficiently delivered to their final destination/delivery address.

  • number 7

    Settle your new invoice

    After taking advantage of the extended payment terms, settle your credit and finance further procurement.

Maintain cash flow flexibility without missing payments

DSV Supply Chain Finance makes it easy to balance the needs of your suppliers with the immediate cash flow needs of your business. 

  • Extended payment terms

  • Potential Early Payment Discounts

  • No Registration Fees

  • No Minimum Financing Amount

  • No Additional Loan Securities 

Discover more about Supply Chain Finance

To discover what DSV Supply Chain Finance can do for you and receive your quote, register for a free account today. 

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