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Danish Red Cross is DSV's international humanitarian aid partner. We provide logistics services, logistics expertise and financial support.

A partnership uniting the best of both worlds

The Red Cross | Red Crescent movement and DSV are both international organisations with a global reach, and where the Red Cross | Red Crescent movement has a lot of experience with providing disaster and emergency relief, we are experts within transport and logistics. A partnership uniting these elements allows both parties to focus on what they do best and ensure a quick response when needed.

The essence of the partnership

In Denmark, we sponsor 2,000m2 warehouse space for disaster relief equipment. The warehouse is split into two spaces: one for storage of the emergency relief equipment and one for testing and training, so Red Cross’ staff can practice setting up and getting familiar with new equipment (learn more).  

The agreement also includes transport of relief equipment by road to the nearest airport in Denmark, whenever base camps need to be established in disaster-struck areas.

In addition, we provide financial support to Danish Red Cross’ international projects in Malawi and Bangladesh. In both countries, the support goes towards enhancing the living conditions for poor or vulnerable families by training the inhabitants in income generating activities and ensuring access to fundamental necessities such as clean drinking water (learn more).

Further, we also support a weather-based alerting programme called Forecast-based Action, a warning system created by the Red Cross I Red Crescent movement to predict - with 90% certainty - when a weather-related disaster will occur. 

Global agreement - local engagement – a partnership that matters

The global reach of the Red Cross | Red Crescent movement to more than 190 national societies makes it possible for our local units to support the aid and relief organisation as well. A number of our local organisations engage in support of local Red Cross | Red Crescent branches through a wide variety of activities ranging from first aid training to fundraisers and volunteering for different projects.

Any questions?

Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability

Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability