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The warehouse is split into two spaces: one part is used by Danish Red Cross to store emergency relief equipment, the other for testing and training so the Red Cross staff can practice setting up and getting familiar with the new equipment.

Emergency relief equipment

We store around 60 tonnes of equipment that Red Cross | Red Crescent delegates use when they hit the ground in a disaster-struck area. Often on arrival, the first step for the delegates is to set up a base camp.

The list of items for a base camp and necessary disaster relief equipment is long and includes tents, beds, generators, toilets, equipment for clean drinking water, water heaters, a range of different tools as well as refrigerators.

Preparedness training

When disaster strikes, the delegates need to be able to get to the disaster-struck area and act quickly. In order for the delegates to be able to navigate and help as effectively as possible in the area, the warehouse space in Denmark is also used for training of the delegates.  


Click below to see Disaster and Preparedness Manager from Danish Red Cross, Jesper Ranch, explain the importance of good facilities.

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Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability

Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability