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We support Danish Red Cross international projects in Malawi and Bangladesh and a weather-based alerting programme.

Building resilient communities in Malawi
The project in Malawi targets 150,000 of the poorest people, focusing especially on families with young children and schoolchildren.

The project has a holistic approach to creating resilience in the three provinces involved and includes ensuring access to basic healthcare, water and sanitation as well as disaster prevention. Examples of activities include:

  • Supporting schoolchildren with school uniforms, schoolbooks and school meals
  • Provision of latrines, water pumps and hygiene education
  • Training in disaster prevention
DSV Panalpina supports Danish Red Cross' international projects

Improving living conditions for refugees in Cox's Bazar

The project targets the more than 900,000 refugees living in camps near Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. The main focus is providing essential humanitarian relief to the families who have fled their homes because of violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state. 

The project's objective is to enhance the living conditions for the refugees, helping them to lead a dignified existence until they can return home. 

With support from DSV, Danish Red Cross and Bangladesh Red Crescent have been able to support thousands of people living in the camp.

Examples of activities include:
  • Providing food, water, sanitation, shelter and safety to the many people who have lost everything when fleeing 
  • Treating patients in  the Red Cross | Red Crescent movement health facilities. There are health facilities for both physical and psychological health 
  • Reducing the disaster risks in the overcrowded camps, which lack roads and basic infrastructure in the steep and hilly terrain

Preparing for disaster before it hits

The climate is changing, creating more frequent and large-scale unpredictable disasters. The result is an increased need for disaster relief in affected areas.

To meet the challenges of more weather-related disasters and a greater need for help, the Red Cross I Red Crescent movement has created a weather-based alerting programme called Forecast-based financing initiative. 

With the help of DSV, Danish Red Cross is investing in and preparing aid for vulnerable communities before – and not after – they are hit by weather-related disasters. This saves both lives and money – and the system can predict when a weather-related disaster will occur with 90% certainty. 

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Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability

Contact Lindsay Zingg, Senior Director, Group Sustainability