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In Bochum in Germany, DSV collaborates with the local job centre to run a programme where unemployed refugees are offered a chance of employment.

Refugees often arrive in a new country with few options to make a fresh start in a new job market. As part of the programme, refugees learn German and obtain a forklift truck license. That has led to employment in DSV for more than 25 refugees.

Collaboration with the local job centre

DSV in Bochum often hires large numbers of new employees:
"We are always looking to expand our team", explains manager Nikolaus Pietas, Manager in the Bochum warehouse.
The project exists as a collaboration between DSV and the local job centre in Bochum. Together, they developed an integration plan for the new employees. At the core of the programme is a six-week placement enabling employees to get to grips with the role.
DSV has appointed an experienced employee to head up the programme, while the job centre selects six suitable candidates for every period, funds their forklift truck licences and provides interpreters to help with communication.

A successful project that creates real opportunities

One of the new team members in Bochum is Abdiqani Ahmed. The 39-year-old Somalian worked as a warehouse assistant in his home country, and has already proven that he can handle the role in Germany. He says about his new job: "I like it here. My colleagues are friendly and the work is enjoyable".

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